Question - Who is Professional?

Answer - A person who has studied, learned & following a profession. Having or exhibiting great conforming & the standards of a profession.


Question - What is Professionalism?

Answer - Skillfulness by high merit of possessing special knowledge


“It’s possible to have a member of a profession who isn’t professional,” “Professional is a neutral term, a descriptive term. Professional is an evaluative term. Being professional is good. Being unprofessional is bad. Professionalism has a noble, respectable, evaluative dimension. To be a professional is to excel in certain ways.”


The rise of commercialism and use of technologies, among other changes, have added new elements to the discussion. “Money began to flow into the system in huge amounts and it became an important part of the economy that influenced the way Professionalism was/is provided.” The influence of money eventually caused very much within all the professions to worry about the behavior of its members. The concern was similar to one expressed in a well-known saying “No one can serve two masters. ... You cannot serve both Clients/Customers and money.” I hope, this saying will help you to see the general picture.


The consensus is that changes in society and the system are posing threats to traditional professionalism,” “Our behavior is not as professional as it was there before (centuries ago).” Professionalism is touching on various philosophic and practical issues, including: What does professionalism really mean in a context? Are the standard definitions too broad to be useful? Are there core elements that all are agreed upon? Are those core elements static or dynamic? Are they culturally specific? Ethics used to be a hot topic in academics, but then debate shifted to professionalism. Why?


What good is coming from all these debates/discussions/papers about professionalism written by professionals for professionals?


In nut shell professionals needs to adhere with basic fundamentals - Deals with the challenges, Trustworthiness, Expertness , Dedication & Devotion, Sensibility , Team Spirit , Practice Legal Company Rules  & Regulations, Transparency ,Non violence ,Truthfulness, Calmness , Peacefulness , Honesty , Generosity , Gentleness , Modesty , Steadiness , Forgiveness , Courageous, Respectful, Overweening with no Arrogance /Attitude 



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