Discipline of Actions v/s Fate

Comprehensible Thoughtfulness / बोधगम्य  चिंतन

The comprehensible thoughtfulness of INSIDE / मन, ACTION/ कर्म & PLEDGE / वचन  lead human activities in which they can be successfully follow the constitutive of the happy life which are all balanced & capable of attaining the ultimate goal of life.

There are three aspects, in which a person who is going to be good and noble must be trained. That concerning Desires and dislikes, so that he may never fail to get what he desires nor fall into what he would avoid. That concerning the impulse to Act and not to act, and, in general, appropriate behavior; so that he may act in an orderly manner and after due consideration, and not carelessly. The third is concerned with freedom from deception and hurried judgment, and, in general, whatever is connected with Assent (consent).

Our capacity to employ these disciplines in the course of daily life is ‘in our power’ or ‘up to us’ because they depend on our opinions, judgments, intentions and desires which concern the way we regard things over which our moral character has complete control.